13 Jul

To find a secure job in a major sector such as healthcare, banking, government, manufacturing and other industries requires specific training and experience based on the sector’s demand. Quality Assurance Software Testers are on the rise in large and medium sized companies as software product development becomes increasingly complex. Companies rely on software quality assurance testers for intensive industry-wide testing techniques and procedures to ensure product reliability and are willing to spend millions of dollars on software quality assurance testers for both performance and value.

Across Canada, Internet job sites post an average of 100 new software testing related jobs per day. In Toronto job sites show an average of ten to fifteen jobs per day. Western Canada holds most of the entry level software testing jobs, whereas Toronto holds more experienced positions. Starting salary ranges from $50,000 to $65,000 based on your level of experience. Under a contract you could earn $40 to $55 per hour.

As a software quality assurance tester involved in the entire software development process, you ensure the quality of the final product. Your responsibilities include analyzing whether performance requirements are met, tracking software bugs and control code changes, designing a test plan for possible human errors, and ensuring that the system won’t crash. Testing is one part of software quality assurance, not the only part. For example, a user may need to enter a password into a Web site. As a software tester you test the outcome if the user types a space, a dot, a dash or other character.

Ideal candidates for a quality assurance software tester, you must have professional IT certification with industry experience. As part of your education in the software quality assurance program you learn the software development life cycle. You run tests, diagnose problems, recommend solutions, and determine whether program requirements have been met. Once you have written the exam and become a certified systems tester, you are always a systems tester with no requirement to rewrite exams every few years.

Employers seek candidates with knowledge and experience in computer software development, strong problem-solving and analytical skills, and the ability to think logically. Software quality assurance positions require multitasking and an eye for detail. You are also the middle person between developers and customers using your interpersonal and communication skills to convey the viewpoints of both sides some of whom who may have no technical background. During your interview you could be asked specific problem/solution questions such as, “What problems did you face in your QA project and how did you overcome it?”

A position in software quality assurance gives you the opportunity to grow within the industry. With up to three years of experience you could qualify for an entry level position; four to ten years of experience allows you to apply for a position as a quality assurance lead; 10 to 17 years you have grown to a quality assurance managerial level; and beyond 17 years of experience you reach a director level.

Your commitment to the ever-changing industry of software quality assurance testing gives you the security of a placement within a large organization and the satisfaction of lifelong growth within an ever-changing career.

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