Why & What is the purpose of Community Give Back initiative?

For over 10 years, Sunview College has been involved in Community Give back initiatives (CGBI). Our college values and promotes lifelong learning and as a part of the community, we understand that it is our social responsibility to help those who are less fortunate and in need.

To show our gratitude and support to the community CGBI programs have been instrumental in helping those who are unemployed, under-employed or who need support in their career development. We have been getting positive responses from beneficiaries and the enthusiasm of the participants keeps us motivated to share more Knowledge.

Who can benefit from our Community Give Back initiatives?

Our free programs are meant for all knowledge aspirants – New Immigrants, career oriented people and community at large. We organize short courses of 16 to 20 hours for people who have interest and curiosity to learn something new and help them in future Careers or getting job ready.

We also conduct a variety of workshops for the benefit of the community at large. There are people who have different skills and would like to share their knowledge (basic, intermediate) with the community.

Some of the subjects of our past CGBI Free Courses are:

  1. Book-keeping, SAGE, Customer service, Payroll, Citizenship preparation.
  2. Free Computers and Languages Courses
  3. Free workshops and Training in IT Careers, Basic web designing, Linked-in, Yoga, Photography, Health & Diet
  4. Career Counselling and Newcomers tips
  5. Sponsoring Community Event
  6. Soft skills and Volunteering and many more…

Our partners in CGBI

We have partnered with many non-profit and community organizations to be part of our special initiative to help us reach out to people who are in need. We sponsor and provide the courses & instructors to our partners to conduct the Free courses at their locations. We are thankful to below organizations for their support –

  • Dixie Bloor Employment Centre
  • Next Steps Employment Centre – Vaughan, Don Mills
  • MicroSkills
  • CanadaWorx

If you are a non-profit or community-based organization and want to be our CGBI partner, please contact us at 416-850-4631  ext. 5502

We also welcome Individuals who share our passion and are interested in volunteering opportunities. If teaching and mentoring are your passion give us a call at 416-850-4631 ext 5502.

How we promote the CGBI programs

You can find information about our CGBI programs through our website, Facebook pages, Eventbrite and Meetup group.