Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism

The Hospitality and Tourism industry is an exciting and rapidly expanding industry that offers a variety of career prospects worldwide. With more people traveling today than ever before, the need for top-notch customer service and hospitality management has never been higher. Whether you plan to go into hotel management, or share your culinary skills or your passion for travel, Sunview’s Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism provides diverse avenues for our professionals to pursue.


The Hospitality and Tourism industry is an exciting and rapidly expanding industry that offers a variety of career prospects worldwide. We strive to produce passionate and service-obsessed industry professionals. Our program is centered on best business practices and skills related to the industry in Canada and abroad. Students receive a solid foundation of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication.

Course Benefits

This exceptional program qualifies graduates for careers such as:

  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Hotel Management/Staff
  • Travel Guides
  • Resort worker or Travel Planning Consultant
  • Culinary and Catering Services
  • Airlines
  • Special Event Management – to name a few

Numerous outstanding employers hire Sunview College grads, including:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Special Events i.e weddings, corporate, and other events
  • Hotels
  • Travel Planning
  • Airlines

Job Duties

Main duties for people in the Hospitality Management sector could include:

  • Recruiting, training, and supervising staff in customer service
  • Managing the day-to-day operations, including maintenance, accommodations, and customer service
  • Addressing any customer complaints and investigating any other personnel or operational issues
  • Managing and updating financial records, budgets, and overseeing other administrative duties
  • Managing and coordinating bookings for special events, conferences, etc, which may include liaising with third party agents/other stakeholders

Main duties for people in the Tourism sector could include:

  • Providing information about popular destinations and travel options for customers
  • Planning and coordinating travel plans and bookings for customers
  • Managing bookings for flights, hotel, and other transportation services
  • Serving as a tour guide for customers and accompanying them on short or long excursions and adventures

Course Structure


Unit ID Unit Name
001 Management Fundamentals
002 Micro Economics
003 Business Law
004 Statistics for Business
005 English Fundamentals
006 Computer Applications in Business
007 Sales Management
008 Business Ethics
009 Macro Economics
010 Fundamentals Of Marketing
011 Introduction To Human Resource Management
012 Fundamentals Of Accounting
013 Project Management
014 Strategic Management
015 Operational Research
016 Organisational Behaviour
017 Introduction To Hospitality & Tourism
018 Managing Front Office Operations
019 House Keeping
020 Food & Beverage Management
021 Hospitality Law
022 Training & Development in Hospitality Industry
023 International & Canadian Tourism
024 Managing Technology in Hospitality Industry
025 Co-op Placement

Entry Requirements


    • Ontario Grade 12 or equivalent


  • Mature Student (18 years of age or older) & A passing SLE TEST

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