Advanced MS Office 2016

Focused training for users of Microsoft Office is aimed at getting users up to speed with key advanced features of Office, the new features in version 2016 and how to take advantage of them for maximum return to your organization.

This hands-on workshop will familiarize you with the newest features of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint at an advanced level, both individually and in combination, to significantly increase efficiency and enhance quality and output.


This workshop focuses on data management, data analysis, reporting, presenting, planning, and communication.

Course Benefits

Microsoft Word at an advanced level will focus on higher-level computing and reporting, allowing users to:

  • Use Document styles, Headers and Footers and Auto-text – how they come together for professional documents
  • Work with fields and how to include fields in your document, generating a Table of contents, and protecting documents effectively
  • Paste Linking tabular data from Excel into word while maintaining links yet retaining the visual consistency of your Word document
  • Combine the use of Word, Excel, and Outlook – using the mail merge wizard for letters and mailings and for generating speedy personalised items like mailing labels, name tags etc
  • Learn about other other shortcuts, tips and tricks to better enhance your productivity and the quality of your reports and documents


Course Benefits

Microsoft Excel at an advanced level will focus on higher-level computing and reporting, allowing users to:

    • Learn essential productivity techniques, including keyboard shortcuts, docking commands to the quick access toolbar, compatibility shortcuts for legacy features like auto format, and more
    • Create Pivot Tables with the new interface and use advanced Pivot Table options


  • Use key functions and formulas including functions like SUMIF and COUNTIF, SUMPRODUCT, and more
  • Use the FORMAT AS TABLE feature to set up a dynamic data range for analysis tables and Pivot Tables
  • Understand best practices in spreadsheet development for use in an organizational setting, formatting, visual settings, and protection
  • Protect and lock spreadsheet zones for ensuring integrity of data and linked reports


Course Benefits

Microsoft PowerPoint at an advanced level will focus on higher-level computing and reporting, allowing users to:

  • Use key commands to dock on the quick access toolbar for productivity, compatibility shortcuts, and more
  • Understand Object Linking and embedding and creating presentations with slides of linked data
  • Use powerful graphics-processing and embellishment tools available for stunning graphics and photographs in your presentation; including smart art
  • Learn Rapid Presentation deck building using Word and PowerPoint together for fully formatted presentation in minutes
  • Leverage Presentation Design templates and themes for Rapid Presentation development and maintaining visual consistency in team presentations
  • Introduction to the powerful custom animation, and how custom animation can be used to introduce data and information effectively
  • Understand the Presenter’s view using dual-screen displays – see your notes on the screen while audience see only the presentation



Applicants must have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office with higher intermediate proficiency. This includes:

    • MS Word: At least an intermediate knowledge of tasks such as:
    • Building a document
    • Formatting text
    • Creating indents and using bullets and numbering
    • Other document development and printing tasks
    • MS Excel: Advanced knowledge of Excel functions including:
    • Knowing how to build formulas with nested functions including IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, Absolute, and Mixed references
    • Knowledge of spreadsheet productivity shortcuts
    • Basic Pivot Table creation, and other spreadsheet development, formatting, and printing tasks
  • MS PowerPoint: Intermediate knowledge of PowerPoint which includes:
    • Building a slide presentation
    • Formatting content on a slide and developing slide decks with transitions
    • Using drawing tools, and copying and pasting data from other MS Office applications

If you do not have a working knowledge of these Microsoft Office tools, you might want to access a fundamentals or intermediate class before attending this one.

This is a HANDS-ON workshop. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop computers. A mouse is essential.

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