MS Office Fundamentals

MS Office Fundamentals is to help new users familiarize themselves with the key features of Microsoft Office and how to take advantage of them for maximum return to your organization.


This course is designed to help you use the Microsoft Word 2010 interface, commands, and features to create, enhance, and share documents.

Course Benefits

Microsoft Word at the beginner’s level will familiarize you with the basics of creating, managing, enhancing, reviewing and sharing Word documents, including:

  • Creating, Viewing, Browsing and Saving a Document
  • Learning the Formatting Options
  • The Page Setup Options, Inserting Page Numbers and Breaks
  • Applying Quick Styles and Themes to a Document
  • Enhancing Images
  • Using the Proofing and Language Features
  • Printing and Sharing a Document



This workshop focuses on some of the issues that novice users face when working with Excel with the objective of accelerating the progression to a proficient user. Specifically, this workshop introduces key concepts in formula building that are geared towards increasing speed and productivity in data analysis and in compiling and distributing reports. The workshop also introduces important areas of spreadsheet usage that are logical next steps in spreadsheet proficiency.

Course Benefits

This workshop is designed to familiarize you with fundamental and core techniques in Microsoft Excel, designed to get a novice user up and running within a minimum period of time. The following chapters will be covered:

  • Effectiveness Booster – Using the New Interface – Installing or Locking Commands to the Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar
  • Important Concepts to Increase your Productivity – Adjacent and Non- Adjacent Selections, Date and Time Shortcuts, etc.

  • Understanding Data Types, Data Integrity and Errors in Data
  • Managing Data with Data Filters, Data Sort Methods – by Value and by Colour
  • Understanding Key Concepts in Formula Building – Data Referencing, Referencing Constants, Correctly Using Arithmetical Operators
  • Good Practice in Cell Referencing – Relative and Absolute References

  • Introduction to Functions and the Function Library Buttons
  • Introducing Key Functions – Min, Max, Average
  • Logical Functions – The Versatile and Widely Used IF Function

  • Key Charting Concepts – Important Chart Types and Variants
  • Key Concepts – Understanding Chart Components for Effective Charting
  • Building Professional Charts by Formatting Key Chart Components – Chart Area, Plot Area, Data Series, Data Labels and more



This course teaches students how to work with and manage the PowerPoint 2010 environment, inclusive of inserting tables, texts, images and illustrations and their formatting.

Course Benefits

Students will have a fundamental knowledge of MS PowerPoint’s key commands including:

  • Creating and Saving Presentations
  • Send a Slide Show for Review
  • Work with Comments
  • Prepare a Slide Show for Delivery
  • Working with Text Boxes, Word Art, Tables, and other formatting features
  • Using animation on slides
  • Inserting and Modifying a Picture, Shape, SmartArt Graphic, and Chart
  • Adding Video Clips, Images, and Illustrations


Home and Office users taking this course must have the basic skills of using Microsoft Windows. This includes basic tasks such as opening, editing, and saving a file.

Learners should also complete Course 4697: Introduction to the New Microsoft® Office Fluent™ User Interface.

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