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Step 1: Request a copy of the Vocational Program Enrolment Contract by email.

Next, attach photocopies of the following supporting documents:

  • Completed and signed Vocational Program Enrolment Contract
  • Education certificate and Education Transcripts of previous studies
  • Passport pages showing your photo and information (for international students only)
  • An updated Resume

You can post or email your completed and signed Enrollment Contract and your supporting documents, or drop in at a location closest to you and submit your application in person.

If you plan to mail your application to us, use the following address:

Sunview College
DLI #: O19395164201
8897 The Gore Road
Suite 25
ON, L6P 2L1

Alternatively, you may email us your application and a scanned copy of all your documents to and

Step 2: Upon receipt of all the documents, Sunview College will evaluate your Enrollment Contract and documents. Additional information may be requested.

Step 3: If you pass the evaluation, Sunview will call you for a personal interview & ask you to write our College Entrance Exam.

Step 4: If your application is accepted, Sunview College will confirm your admission through a formal Letter of Acceptance.

Step 5: Once you receive our Letter of Acceptance, you will need to make arrangements with the College Finance Department for the payment of tuition fees.

For further queries, contact Sunview College at 416-646-4744 or email us at and