Intermediate MS Office 2016

This workshop of MS Office is geared towards towards users who have a strong foundation in using Microsoft Office applications and wish to upgrade their skills and learn about the key features of the newest version of MS Office 2016.


Having basic fundamental knowledge of MS Word, you will now be taught customization, enhancing, reviewing, sharing, protecting and creating complex documents.

Course Benefits

This course provides you with the skills and knowledge required to enhance, share, and customize Word 2010 documents:

  • Customizing Word Options, Quick Access Toolbar and Saving Options
  • Setting up the Pages in a Document and Reorganizing it With the Help of Section Breaks
  • Inserting Tables, Captions and Graphical Elements
  • Reviewing and Co-authoring a Document
  • Viewing Documents on the Web and Using Word Mobile 2010
  • Protecting a Document
  • Inserting Table of Contents and Footnotes
  • Creating a Mail Merge

MS Excel


Increasing demand for information and reports places a heavy load on those whose job it is to compile, analyze and publish reports based on data from different sources. By learning easy productivity techniques and innovative ways of using Excel features together, the finance or accounting professional can reduce time taken to complete regular tasks while simultaneously enabling the undertaking of more complex activities with a heightened quality of output.

In this workshop we focus on Productivity techniques in data management, Productivity and quality in reporting, and getting familiar with advanced aspects of data analysis and formula building.

Course Benefits

This course will familiarize you with a broad range of Intermediate level computing and reporting skills using Microsoft Excel:

  • Learn Techniques for Linking and Hyperlinking Data Across Files or Sheets
  • Learn techniques for formatting tables and datasets quickly including the powerful ‘Table’ feature in the newer versions of Excel
  • Learn how to dock frequently used commands and commands not available on the standard menu, onto the quick access toolbar
  • Learn how to Group Sheets for simultaneous data entry, formatting, editing, find & replace and more
  • Understand data types, and the options for handling dates, times and other kinds of data, and how to use them in formulas
  • Understand the three types of referencing and how various references can be combined for powerful formula building
  • Learn how sheet protection can help you build spreadsheets which allow user input in selected areas while protecting formulas and other linked cells
  • Learn how to use key functions like IF, COUNT functions, Date functions, Time functions, and others to summarize data effectively and build useful spreadsheet tables
  • Learn how to create a Pivot Table from raw data and how to manipulate them
  • Many other productivity techniques and speed shortcuts that can increase your speed and output significantly

MS Powerpoint


This course focuses on the higher-level commands and uses of PowerPoint, inclusive of inserting tables, texts, images and illustrations and their formatting.

Course Benefits

Students come out with fundamental knowledge of MS PowerPoint in the following fields:

  • Preparing a presentation for delivery, using images/videos, and other animation tools
  • Assigning Custom Animation features to slides
  • Using a Picture, Shape, SmartArt Graphic, and Chart
  • Adding Video Clips, Images, and Illustrations


Applicants must have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office with at least an intermediate proficiency.

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