Option One

Contact Our International Admissions Team at ia@sunviewcollege.com to find the nearest agent living near you. Our agents are qualified to help you through the full process of being accepted to our College and the student visa process.


Option Two

Step 1: Fill out and sign the Sunview International Application Form Make sure you submit the completed and signed application along with a photocopy of the following supporting documents:

  • Passport pages containing your photo and personal identification
  • Educational certificates and transcripts
  • Your latest personal resume/CV

Step 2: Upon receipt of your completed application form and supporting documents, we will check your eligibility. We may request additional information if required otherwise you will ask to pay CAD$200.00 Non-Refundable Application Processing Fee (payable via Paypal / credit card).

Step 3:  You will have to take the Wonderlic Entrance Examination through a proctor. We will send the Question Paper to the proctor, and the examination conduct guidelines. The proctor will send it back to us for evaluation. If you are able to clear it, you will be contacted accordingly. We will be sent an Admission Contract.

You must sign the contract and send it back to us along with 25% of your tuition fee through bank transfer. Ensure that you are also paying for the bank charges for transfer of funds at both ends.
Download the Payment Information file for instructions on conducting a bank transfer.

Note: In the event of a visa refusal Application Processing Fee $200 will be non-refundable.

Step 4: After receipt of 25% of the Tuition Fee and the duly signed contract, you will be issued a Letter of Acceptance for visa purposes.

Once you receive your Letter of Acceptance, you will have to submit the letter along with other supporting documents to apply for your Study Permit. Click here to view instructions on how to apply and the list of documents required.


Option Three

International Students already attending another University or College in Canada who wish to transfer to Sunview College should contact our Admissions Department at admissions@sunviewcollege.com directly or call to set up a personal appointment at 416-646-4744.
Also take a look at Transfer Credits for further information.