Programming in C

The C Programming course is intended for those interested in careers in software development, system analysis and design, project management, and other technical fields. Object-Oriented (OO) technologies enable software developers to produce more flexible, easily maintainable applications.


In this course you will develop strong programming concepts, gain a thorough understanding and learn the best methods of Object oriented programming and attain practical experience in application and/or system development.

Course Objective

In this course you will be introduced to:

  • General programming concepts
  • Procedural programming
  • Object-Oriented programming
  • Top down designing and Object-Oriented design

Course Structure


  • Variables and Arithmetic Expressions
  • Functions and Arguments
  • Data Types and Sizes

  • Declarations
  • Statements and Blocks
  • Pointers, Arrays and Memory Allocation

  • Program Flow Structure
  • Include Statements and Libraries

Entry Requirements

Fundamental computer knowledge is expected and a familiarity with Operating systems is required.

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